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Log Skidder
Photo of Log Skidder in use
Photo of Log skidder folded
The Judd Products Log Skidder allows the owner of any ATV, Pickup or SUV that is equipped with a standard, 2-inch, receiver-type tow hitch, to pull logs without all of the hassle and danger of rope or chain skidding.

The Judd Products Log Skidder is manufactured of heavy-walled steel tubing and hot-rolled steel plate.  It is designed to exceed the strength of the vehicle using it, even large pickups.

The Judd Products Log Skidder also provides the mount and action for several very useful, very rugged accessories, such as the Judd Products Bale Lifter and the Judd Products Dozer Blade.  Just pull the pin holding the cable clevis, insert the accessory's mount bar where the clevis was removed, replace the pin, hook the cable to the accessory and you're ready to get down to work.  The optional electric power winch gives you the ability to move bales and do grading, right from the rider's seat.

The Judd Products Log Skidder comes ready to assemble with easy-to-understand instructions with lots of photos.  Typical assembly time is about 30-40 minutes.
The Judd Products Log Skidder lifts the front end of the log so that it clears obstructions.  No more aggravation and possible damage to your ATV from catching on every stump, root or rock.
The Judd Products Log Skidder's lift arm folds up and is height adjustable.
Your choice of either Manual
or Electric-power Winch.
Only two wrenches needed to complete the assembly; usually in about half-an-hour.
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